How many Itsa Flavours are on the market?

Currently, there are 12 flavours: Mint Chill, Mint Lime, Mint Raspberry, Mint Blueberry, Mellow Peach, Cherry Drop, Gingerbread Spice, Spearmint Freeze, White Grape, Classic Anise, Mellow Melon, and Exotic Currant.

Is the Itsa Flavour Card safe?

Yes, the Itsa Card is composed of food grade GRAS-Certified ingredients.

Can I use more than one Itsa Flavour Card to increase flavor strength?

Absolutely! Experiment away, that's what makes Itsa great!

Can I buy Itsa Flavour Cards directly from Itsa?

Unfortunately, no. At this time we only sell to authorized dealers. Visit Where to Buy to find a local counter culture shop near you that carries Itsa Flavor Cards.

Where are Itsa Flavour Cards Manufactured?

Finland! The land of badass flavor scientists and air as cold as a Itsa Mint Chill Flavor Card.

Is it normal to have mint crystals in the Mint Chill flavour card?

Yes. In the production of the Mint Chill card we have noticed that under some extreme temperature conditions during the transport or warehousing, mint crystals can appear inside the packaging. The crystals are the usual form of existence for natural menthol. The formation of the crystals in the card surface will not compromise the high quality of the product nor it will effect the shelf life or safety of the product.


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